Hey haters. The world really needs more love rn.

20032081_10101163500674982_3593620346479598332_nYou’re at Woke Mamas. A collective of 100s of mums who are raising their children with kindness. And that means kindness to the babies, the mothers themselves, and the world.

That means choosing to raise your kid with LOVE in a way that puts them first, ignoring what is “right” according to mainstream Western society.

And it also means thinking of new ways to consume food, baby products, trainers and face cream that has less of an impact on the environment.

Because we want our planet to be here when our babies are having babies. And we want those babies to grow up to be happy, balanced adults with no weird issues and a whole load of empathy. Cus our society is badly out of that right now.

Are you up for raising happy babies with love — and starting the kindness revolution the world has been waiting for?

Then join us.

We’re looking for contributions from mums (and dads and carers!) around the world with gentle parenting stories, conscious living advice and awesome ideas that could change the world, one baby at a time.

Contact us using the form below and we will share your wise words and #WokeMamas pictures here and on Instagram.

For website + social media enquiries contact Cle or Jessie using the form below.


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