Why an OG Girl Gang is the secret to eternal mama happiness

Whether you’ve been a mother for 10 years or 10 weeks, you’ve probably figured this one out. But we’re gonna celebrate the fuck out of it anyway.

The secret to eternal mama happiness isn’t designer monster truck prams, rip-off eye cream made from ladybird tears or a nuclear-family sized boxes of chocolate.

While those things may help a bit, the main thing that is going to keep you sweet, sane and most importantly, smiling, is a solid girl gang.

Having a solid group of female mates you can rely on to cheer you on via WhatsApp when you can’t take another bite to the nipple at 4am — and who turn up with cake the next day when you’re too zombified to leave the house — is guaranteed to help you survive the apocalyptic epic that is motherhood.

Back in the actual day, like a few thousand years ago, we had our ready-made group of (mainly blood related) mates. The ones we invented fire with, woolly mammoth hunted for, and picked leeches out of. The young ones popped babies out and the old ones — like late twenties, max, lol — looked after them. Now I’m too lazy to Google this, but somewhere in the last handful of centuries we also know the older ones also breastfed the babies that weren’t even theirs. That’s girl power.

But back to this day. Where we have more “friends” on Facebook than phone numbers in our pockets, and live further away from our BFFs and mums than we ever have.

It isn’t so easy to connect with new friends once you’re past 12. Especially when you rock up to the baby music class 20 minutes late, stinking like shit and unable to remember your name. It also doesn’t help when the mums are busy ignoring you cus they’ve got their assigned “mum friends” via their first classes or expensive NCT so can’t be arsed to meet anyone else thanks. Sure.

Step forward Mush, the Tinder for mums you’ve been dreaming of.

Along with Hoop, an app that shows you what baby stuff is happening within zombie crawling distance, Mush is the most important app you’ll ever meet as a new mum. You can find mums who live on your street, are into the same shit, and who have babies the same age.

The ingredients for your very own life-saving, motherhood-killing Girl Gang.

You’re welcome.

How have you met your favourite mum mates? We want to see you mamas. Tag pics of you and your Girl Gang on Instagram with #WokeMamas and contact us.

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