Baby vs the world: how to cut the crap

Let’s cut the crap. You don’t need it and your baby definitely doesn’t need it.

We all know it’s awesome to buy new garms and toys for your chunk, but it’s just as satisfying to find something for them to gum from a charity shop too, right? After all, toys only get one lick before getting chucked aside for the way more delicious wall socket/phone/dog bowl/toilet anyway.

Having been an environMENTALIST my whole life, when I was pregnant I quickly came up with ways to curb the cray amounts of plastic, money and carbon that were ready to hit the fan cus of the tiny speck in my womb.

And that’s what really kills me — that little speck isn’t driving an SUV around my ovaries. She is beyond innocent.

She didn’t ask to be born into a world of record-breaking heat, pollution and rising seas. She definitely doesn’t deserve to contribute to it any more than she has to. After all, having a baby is the worst thing you can do for the environment, so we’re already the bad guys. FML.

But having made it my mission to create a low-carbon life for us both, here are some ways you can cut the crap for you and your mini-me too. No preaching intended.

  • If your baby won’t eat home-cooked food and is instead addicted to those shiny pouches like mine, store the empties out the way cus Ella’s Kitchen recycles them.
  • Get into reusable nappies. Even if you’ve used disposables up until now, why not buy a couple to cover the night shifts? They hold A LOT more poo — I’ve not once experienced a poo-pocalypse like the ones we have with disposables. I’ll blog more about them later, but they’re so easy to use & we only do a wash every few days. Not sure where to start? Fill in a form about your lifestyle and The Nappy Lady can sort you out mate. We ❤ Tots Bots. Mainly cus iyra looks cute as a bumble bee butt in bed.
  • Set up a swap shop with your mum crew to share your old clothes with when they have new babies and vice versa. Even better if you’re totally gender neutral man.
  • Walk, skateboard, cycle, bus, train, car, boat, aeroplane to baby group, in that order.
  • Shop local if you can, rather than Amazon Priming everything.
  • Same goes for food. This is the only time in your life you should pick Kent over Jamaica.
  • If you find gems in charity shops, return the favour and donate good quality toys and clothes to tempt more parents to the do-gooder darkside.
  • Choose reusable or biodegradable baby wipes, breast pads and sanitary towels.
  • For birthdays ask for secondhand or handmade toys and clothes. If people insist on fancy shit, direct them to an expensive but beautiful eco/conscious website like Babi Pur as their punishment. These handsome, low-impact toys are totally worth the couple of extra quid.

How do you cut the crap? Contact us about your wicked world-saving ways or tag us on Instagram #WokeMamas. You can rely on us saving the world while you dream of boob, babies.

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