We need to talk about vegetarian babies


Without thinking too hard about this one: would you rather your baby had the choice to stop eating animals, or to start eating animals?

For me, having decided to stop age 7, it’s a no-brainer. I’d want my kid to choose to eat them — if they really want to. That way, the kinder, less impactful, more respectful option is standard. After all, it’s easy, affordable and very healthy to raise a kid to be veggie, if done right. And the “choice” is the dark side. (No pressure babe, ha!).

And I promise I’ll be fine with that choice. If, despite sharing with her sweet, honest books like this. And showing her how beautiful, gentle and playful baby cows are (seriously, those guys need a new PR). And if, after proving how healthy I’ve been meat-free, she STILL makes a proper decision all on her own to eat animals, i will support her all the bloody way to MaccyDs and back.

But until then, so at least the next few years until she works out how to open NetFlix and stumbles on Cowspiracy (don’t underestimate her, she can open RuPaul’s Drag Race by eating the remote control), i am making healthy, well balanced vegetarian meals for her — mainly stolen from lush blogs like Coco Mama Bebe. I mean, when she actually starts swallowing solids.

Who knows, maybe she is holding out for chicken nuggets. Sadface.

We would love to hear your experiences of veggie-weiner weaning. Do you know any good vegetarian or vegan baby weaning or recipe books or blogs? Let us know – tag @WokeMamas on Instagram or  contact us.

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