We celebrated Breastfeeding, and here are the pictures :)

National breastfeeding week has come to an end and what an awesome week its been! 👏🏽

It has been so empowering to see all the beautiful pictures that were sent to us on instagram, that we thought why not make a montage collection of them all 🙂 – we have even chucked in a few more for good measure!

Thank you woke mamas! Here’s to us ❤

Lauren & Amaya having a quick top up at music festival 🙌🏽💛
Beautiful Anna feeding Tu and Ru. The power of this woman knows no bounds. 💚
Jessie & Noa – chillin out maxin relaxin all cool
Briony & Baby Asher-River ❤ Holding his Mumma to sleep • Magical
Chilling in heaven with a thankfully very hungry baby, after a long few days where the positive natural birth went out the window – but once she opened those big dark eyes nothing mattered. Ever again.
Simone & her beauty casually Queening in Germany outside coffee shop 😍👑🌍
Here is Luciana and her gorgeous baby Luma only seconds old having her first feed ❤
The beautiful Toya feeding her beautiful 36week newborn son Zachary ❤ so small, so delicate so perfect. Holding on to mama 👑
Me & my biggest sister Rosanna x my gorgeous nephew Robin & Noa when she was ikkle baby cub ❤✨ my foundation in becoming a mother when I was pregnant, was watching my sister ✨she is amazing, loves ya Anna 👑
Ray & 17month Oscar snacking on the go in London 😍✨
(For me) Breastfeeding is me at my best! Empowered, confident, the “I dare you to give me a dirty look” type confidence! – owning my shit, doing EXACTLY what my body is supposed to 🙂
Standing up, feeding AND taking selfies 😎 Cle, Baby Iyra & the cutest booties 💛
Simone with baby snacking at the beach ❤
Effortlessly stunning Leila & Baby Milly ❤ “Even with small titties you can feed your babe standing up when
Ria snuggling with baby Brodie – while stinky pug Barney keeps watch 🐶☺ 💛
Lally lou and milly moo with the infamous tree of life filter ❤

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