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Name: Briony Mae
Age: 24
Baby name and DOB: Asher-River, 21/01/16

What does being a Woke Mama mean to you?

Everything. Being a woke mama to me, means to be conscious of my parenting, conscious of my reactions and conscious of my behaviour. Knowing that I have two little eyes firmly fixed on me at all times, absorbing the energy I’m emitting… good and bad.

Being a woke mama to me is having constant awareness of what he is learning and how I can have a positive impact on his soul’s spiritual growth. I definitely feel like I have a purpose to honour his soul’s purpose and guide him in the light in the best way that I can; knowledge is power and I feel so deeply on teaching him the fundamental functions of the power within self and the universe.

What made you choose gentle parenting? And what is your favourite aspect of it?

I started thinking about my parenting when I was pregnant, I just knew in my heart that when I would become a Mother I wanted to do it in a ‘gentle way’ with mutual understanding, mutual respect and an abundance of love with my child.

I knew gentle parenting was for me, because it’s the natural way to parent in my eyes. I always try to put myself in his shoes, try and visualise things from his perspective and respect his level of understanding. Communication is key and that is something I definitely implement in my parenting.

My favourite aspect of gentle parenting is the feeling of accomplishment and growth, knowing that I’ve parented in a way that was calm, honest and positively effective — that feeling is one of the most rewarding as a parent.

Most awesome moment so far?

So many awesome moments, but I would probably have to pick when my son said “I love you ” at 13 months. Now he says it all the time when we have a cuddle. I cried the first time he said it, was definitely a super awesome moment!

Biggest struggle so far? How do you cope with stressful moments?

Well being a single parent, stressful moments arise more I believe as there isn’t that second parent to take the weight off at times — and when that breather is needed, it’s needed. So yes, I would probably say the biggest struggle so far has been being a single parent. All the aspects of it, financially, physically and mentally.

I don’t dwell on this matter ever though, as playing both roles is rewarding as much as it’s stressful. But stress is just our perception of a situation and I always try to balance myself, and whenever I slip into that unconscious mindset, whether it be 5 mins or an hour… I will snap out of it and come back to conscious thinking.

My reactions to situations are being absorbed like water in a sponge by my baby, so this stops me from allowing stress to control me. Meditation is definitely a great way to put things into perspective; release and to gain a deeper insight.

If going back to work how will you juggle gentle parenting life?

When I do eventually return to work, I know that above everything else, what my son needs is most important. For 16 whole months, we were breastfeeding and co sleeping, by each other’s side always .. he’s used to this. He now sleeps in the cot next to my bed, so slowly but surely we’re getting there with him gaining more independence. When the time comes for me to return back to work, my son’s needs will definitely be at the forefront (hours etc).

Any advice you would give to new mums?

Be free, allow your child to bring out your inner child. Children’s nature is so pure and beautiful, it is when we are at our most ego-less state in our lives, just being and finding the beauty and joy in everything.

Allow your child to teach you as much as you’re teaching them, be kind to yourself just as you’re kind to them. It’s okay to cry, believe me… I’ve had my fair share of feeling like “I can’t do this” — but we can do this.

Our perception of the situation at hand is very important, our reactions are the most important. Don’t think to yourself that you have to be perfect. No parent is perfect, but it’s noticing our unconscious behaviour and addressing it, that’s a woke mama.

What’s on your soundtrack to your first year of being a Woke Mama?

Definitely, Bob Marley ‘Three little birds’. I’ve always naturally sung this to Asher-River, “Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright”… ugh bringing tears to my eyes!

Have faith Mamas, trust your mother instinct!!!


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