Woke Mama: Anisa


Want to know WTF a Woke Mama is? Each week, we’re introducing awesome women who are making the world a kinder place, one happy baby at a time.

Name: Anisa

Age: 24

Baby: Aviana, born December 2016

What does being a woke mama mean to you ?

It means being the best mom for my baby and not following or caring about what other people think in regards to my parenting.

I know what’s best for my daughter and she wasn’t born with a instruction manual so I don’t have any expectations with raising her. Everything comes a day at a time.

What made you choose gentle parenting? What is your favorite aspect of it?

I didn’t really choose to do gentle parenting… I asked my family about their experiences when they had kids.

But once Aviana was born I figured out what parenting I had to do. Everything came naturally and instinctively.

Most awesome moment so far?
I’d have to say seeing how much she’s grown since birth, how she reacts to things and how smart she is. It’s amazing how attentive she can be even to little details.
Biggest struggle so far? How do you cope with stressful moments?
Teething!! I feel so bad when she’s uncomfortable sometimes and seeing her cry breaks my heart.
I don’t like seeing her cry over anything and since she’s been teething, she’s very moody and clingy (I don’t mind the cuddles) and sometimes I have her in my arms almost the whole day.
I try to tell myself that it’ll pass — that whatever stressful issue is going on won’t last forever.
Sometimes I get frustrated when I want to do things and walk away she’ll burst into tears, but I know it’s because she wants me near her and to hold her, and know it’ll get better.
If going back to work how do you juggle the parent life ? 
Honestly the work I’ll be doing will be at least 3 times a week if so, i’ll either have to take her with me and have pumped milk or ask my mother to watch her while I’m at work.
What advice would you give to new moms? 
Always remember tomorrow is a new day, things get better. Don’t give up because this one day is hard, tomorrow is a fresh start.

What’s on your soundtrack to your first year being a woke mama?

Chunky by Bruno Mars 🙂

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