10 gentle parenting celebrities who are woke AF, starring Beyonce, Angelina and a Kardashian

I think we can all agree that to be one of the world’s official Worst Celebrities Ever, you either gotta practise Scientology, wear fur, or become President.

But now I’m a mum, my fan-girl levels are also based on celebrities’ parenting choices.

And you guessed it, just as some slebs do gentle and attachment parenting, some of ’em do hardcore cry it out.

That’s fine. It’s a parent’s choice to do WTF they want. But lately some celebrities have been using their mega gold-plated platforms to sell their questionable choices to us normals.

Y tho. Why promote what mainstream society already does on a depressingly mass scale? *Cough* to ease a guilty conscience via perceived normalisation *cough*.

So while I find some purple drank for my cough, let’s overlook the sob stories and give a shout out to the wokest slebs who promote what society doesn’t do enough of. For proudly showing the world all their mama feels.

Because we badly need influential people to get gentle parenting trending — and help raise a kinder world, that little bit faster.

Get ready to fan girl hard.

  1. Beyonce

Of course. Why wouldn’t The Queen be raising the next in line to the throne in the optimum super loving, nutrient-mainlining, brain-boosting EXTRA way?

Not only has she been papped running the world while babywearing Blue Ivy, she also breastfed in public, reminding us on a mass-headline-scale what boobs are actually for: nourishing babies.

It’s black breastfeeding week this week — a week that shouldn’t need to exist, but a huge disparity between white and black breastfeeding women (75% vs 58.9%), higher infant mortality rates (which breastfeeding could decrease by 50%) and historic cultural barriers means it does.

As a dizzyingly high-profile black breastfeeding mother, Bey can help turn things around. Yonce all in your stats like liquor.

2. Angelina Jolie

My lifetime girl crush no.2 long before she raised an empire of mixed heritage children on the side while saving the world with her other hand, Angelina Jolie is pretty much a certified gentle parenting G.

She told Esquire all about her co-sleeping: “Rightnow, Pax is sleeping in our bed. It’s kind of nice, him immediately knowing and feeling comfortable with us. Mad slept with me until Brad and I got together. They’re fun to sleep with. We have family sleep on Sundays. Everybody sleeps together.”

They even had a custom bed built to fit their entire family. Room for one more?

3. Selma Hayek

Selma Hayek is very publicly against leaving a baby to cry. What she said could have been said by any of us bleary-heart-eyed Woke Mamas: “[People] say, ‘Put her in the bassinet, stick her in there, let her cry.’ Right? Everybody is telling me this.

“But I wasn’t doing it. [They] said to me, ‘Always put your baby to sleep because one day you are going to wish you could do that, that you could hold her in your arms and put her to sleep.’ And do you know what? I put my baby to sleep every night. I love that moment, even though sometimes it takes hours. I do enjoy it very, very much.”

And not only did Selma breastfeed her daughter for more than a year, but she also breastfed another woman’s baby while she was in Sierra Leone. Many mothers stop breastfeeding due to pressure from husbands and cultural stigma — a sad situation that’s getting in the way of ending the country’s highest infant mortality rate in the world.

Encouraging mothers to breastfeed for the full two years would literally help save lives, so Selma, we bow down. Mum goal levels: pretty much unobtainable.

4. Gwen Stefani

Holla. Seemingly physically unable to stop being the coolest woman we know, Gwen Stefani co-sleeps.

She said in an interview with Stylist: “I don’t want to look back and say, ‘Oh my God, I didn’t sleep with Zuma that time because I was too tired,’ so I’ll just snuggle up with him tonight.”

Gwen’s also super honest about the paradoxically lazy intensity of breastfeeding, telling the Guardian it’s “just obviously really convenient with my lifestyle”. On tour, baby Kingston “nursed then went to sleep. But he doesn’t sleep through the night, he’s up every three hours to feed.”

Trust hollaback girl to tell it like it is. Bananas.

5. Pink

Punk in practise as well as aesthetics. Not only has Pink been slaying the breastfeeding hashtags with her ballsy nursing-n-pumping-on-tour Insta posts and busting body-image and gender myths in that VMAs speech, but Pink flew in to defend a Time magazine cover that went viral for *shock horror* showing an older child being breastfed.

She tweeted: “I felt that the article in TIME on attachment parenting was unfortunately a tad extreme.[…] I support attachment parenting 100% … and have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it.

“It’s time we support what’s healthy [breastfeeding] instead of judge it.”

Pay attention celebrity president meme demagogues. THAT’S how to use your blue tick.

6. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon mentioned that their twins sleep in bed with them. Maybe it’s cus his parents were on the gentle flex, as he said: “I was one of those kids who slept with my parents forever.”

But while Mariah hasn’t been vocal about parenting choices, she’s basically had to defend herself for breastfeeding.

In 2011, she faced allegations of “child endangerment” because she drank a yeasty beer in hospital to aid breastfeeding (a gentle hippie hack if ever I heard one).

Because in our backwards patriarchal media land, women whose bodies are known for being sexualised must be punished the MOST for using their boobs the way nature intended them. Kmt X eternity.

Of course she was cleared of the allegations. Mass eye roll please while we get on with more important shit.

Like celebrating — not finding sketchy ways to shame — women who breastfeed.

7. Kourtney Kardashian

I’m not going to look into every Kardashian cus the family’s ovary region Google searches break the internet enough as it is, but Kourtney Kardashian has talked A LOT about being a fan of attachment parenting — even tweeting a picture of the Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears book.

She told a US magazine, “When I had Mason, I just felt really attached to him, and wanted to bring him everywhere. He ended up sleeping with me, and I breastfed for 14 months.”

Hopefully the oldest K will pass on her parenting approach to the rest of the family. What more efficient way in the universe is there to truly love your own genes? Wink.

8. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada breastfed her son Jaden for 18 months, telling the world: “That baby never even saw a bottle. He went everywhere with me — premieres, award shows. I would just find a back room and hook him up.”

And that milk had powers. Jaden ended up woking the internet — along with mega-shaman-3.0 daughter Willow, who actually said “I wanna transcend personality […] and go into a higher state of being”. ❤

With offspring that awesome, Jada is that new earth mother we all wana be one day.

9. Eryka Badu

The incredible, radical soul artist is quoted as saying something that is a very different kind of music to our ears. That all this gentle love we’re giving won’t make our babes over-protected and clingy, but confident, content and FREE.

She said: “When I first had the baby, I was breastfeeding for two years straight, so we were together for two years of his life – every day, all hours of the day.

“So I was two people, and I eventually morphed back into one. Now he’s part of me. He’s very independent as a result of it. I thought it was going to be the opposite. I was very worried that he was going to be attached since we were together every day, but I guess it made him feel comfortable…”


10. Gisele

Another of the world’s most beautiful women, Brazilian Gisele is a big advocate of extended breastfeeding and has even said everyone should be made to breastfeed for 6 months.

While enforcing boob law sounds a bit harsh — and she did clarify what she meant after — fair play for supporting something that still fits somewhere between ‘hush-hush’ and ‘go forth to the fiery pits of hell, Jezebel’ on the sliding scale of breastfeeding in public doom.

Here is the Instagram picture to end all Instagram pictures: Gisele breastfeeding her 1 year old while at work.

Image courtesy of Gisele’s Instagram

Excuse me while I go and work on my personal collection of breastfeeding selfies. Year-old mascara, porridge-fresh PJs and a dry-shampood soul counts as a hot mess..


Got any gentle sleb intel? Been inspired to co-sleep by a supermodel? Think the President did CIO? Hit us on our pager. We would love to hear from you. Contact us, comment below, or tag #WokeMamas on social media.

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