Woke Mama: Jasmin

IMG_20170219_112845_330Want to know WTF a Woke Mama is? Each week, we’re introducing awesome women who are making the world a kinder place, one happy baby at a time.

Name: Jasmin

Age: 28

Baby: Amunet, age 1

What does being a woke mama mean to you?

Woke mama to me means being fully aware and connected to motherhood. Noticing the beauty of it. Embracing the struggles and the trials and tribulations.

What made you choose gentle parenting? And what is your favourite aspect of it?

I choose gentle parenting because I come from an emotional, traumatic childhood with a lack of love which is very gentle to me.

My favourite aspect of it is being able to experience that unconditional love. Gosh that love is addictive.

Most awesome moment so far?

The most awesome moments so far are the ones in the morning. Amunet wakes me up every morning with kisses and then she looks at me and says “nana? nana?” which are my boobies.

She went from being aggressive about her nanas, to asking for them with love and gentleness.

Biggest struggle so far? How do you cope with stressful moments?

The biggest struggles so far are her wanting the nanas about 4 times at night time. I am trying to just cut it down some, because I feel I’m creating a bad habit at night. I barely sleep so I am always feeling drained.

The way I cope with stressful moments is through self-love practices like yoga and meditation.

My survival kit is always by my side, with my 3 crystals, athmeyst, rose quartz and clear. Also rosemary essential oil for focusing and activating, and reducing anxiety. Ginger tea is one of my favourite pleasures.

Applying coconut oil makes me feel sexy again, which is needed as a reminder because I have no choice but to see my boobies and the changes in them more and more from being a breastfeeding mama.. the struggles are real!

If going back to work, how will you juggle gentle parenting?

I am planning on going back to school and also working on my brand. I plan on juggling with gentle parenting by making sure that I work on my self as much as possible, to be able to give my child my high spirits in order to make this sacrifice smoother for the both of us.

Any advice you would give to new mums?

My advice to new mamas is to take the time out to BREATHE.

Our breath seems like it has been taken away since the moment we gave birth and saw the faces of our beautiful, beautiful children. And then it gets tougher.

Meditating should be a priority for every mother out there, because our spirits are constantly being depended on.

What’s on your soundtrack to your first year of being a Woke Mama?

Alina Baraz – Unfold

Sade – It’s all about our love

Roy Woods – Instinct

Peace, love and light to all of you mamas!! You are awesome!!

Painting of Jasmin feeding Amunet by Andrea Roussos

Follow Jasmin on Instagram @_mothernurture

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