My 1 year old doesn’t eat solids and this is why I’m totally not worried. Yet.

If your baby is 1 or over and not really eating solids, I bet your So Solid Crew, aka everyone else, is worried. But this is why YOU probably shouldn’t be.

Firstly, you gotta up your DGAF game. The same game you upped when you stopped worrying about why your baby hasn’t slept longer than an hour in the last 9 months (because babies aren’t really designed to sleep longer than that at night).

Because if your babe breastfeeds aaaall the time and they are playing with and eating some solid foods, just not loads ALL the time, D G any Fs at all. Give none. Nope, not even that one.

While there may be something up — and your doctor can tell you that: cus if baby is actually eating NOTHING or ur actually worried, pls see doc, k? — it is also pretty likely that there is nada wrong with your 1+ year old.

You know your baby. If they are refusing/gagging/puking everything, that’s NOT normal. But maybe your baby is just hit or miss at meal times, like mine.

Despite being nerdily early at everything else, 13-month old Iyra’s only guaranteed tummy goals are yogurt and tomatoes. She eats solids like a “normal” baby on maybe 3 out of 7 days. And on the other days, I try 3 meals a day with snacks in between, but it ALL goes to our lucky, lucky dog Enzo.

Before you suggest it, we did vegetarian baby-led weaning from 6 months. I try different foods, textures, places, styles, times, people, music, continents. Same foods again and again, just in case. I am mostly casual about it, and sometimes something will work, the next day it doesn’t. She just isn’t that into food yet.

Still, people will try to panic you into panicking. A few months ago, a health visitor said I should stop breastfeeding to encourage eating solids. That goes against everything I have downloaded from the mothership matrix. Seriously WTF!

One reason I’m not worried (yet) is cus it’s not affecting her dumpy dumpling thighs. Same goes for all her QT chubby toddler friends who are strictly into breast milk only. Just as many babies who eat more than their own body weight in solids each day are skinny cuties. All babies get the nutrition they really need from milk. After all, solids don’t offer many calories yet. At this age, they are mainly learning not to choke. Actual life skill.

If they need it, they eat more. And whether it’s an early teether thing (which it may be for Iyra), a motor thing, a sensory thing, or a patience thing, in the end it’s most likely just a sneaky milestone thing.

Many babies like Iyra don’t reach their eating-solids-properly-errrrrry-day milestone until way into their toddler years. Just like other things which can’t be taught, such as walking, self-settling, talking and not pooing on your fave jeans, they will get there when they are ready.

Worrying about it is a waste of your time, and their time. One day soon, you will regret worrying. So stop.

We have enough to regret. Let’s pinky promise to only do stuff we don’t regret. As a teenager I didn’t regret getting battered in mosh pits, dying my hair every colour of the rainbow, or the phase when I thought I was a vampire. Because they made me who I am.

And I don’t regret any of the gentle parenting things I have chosen to do. Because they will make Iyra who she is. But one of the few things i’ve regretted since being a mum are when I’ve wasted time worrying.

About sleep. About naps. About sleeping in different rooms. About babywearing. About breastfeeding “too long”.

The minute I stopped worrying about these things, I enjoyed them again.

And while you should speak to your doctor if your babe is losing weight, their behaviour changes, or you can tell something is just wrong… for many, it’s just a waiting game.

Our time with these dieting dumplings is gone in the blink of an eye. So enjoy the F out of not cooking while you can.

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