Woke Mama: Emma


Want to know WTF a Woke Mama is? Each week, we’re introducing awesome women who are making the world a kinder place, one happy baby at a time.

Name: Emma, 30 something!
Babies: Jack (3 and a half), Sonny (1 and a half)

What does being a woke mama mean to you?

Slow, conscious parenting with a healthy dose of green living and chilled out vibes thrown in 👌

What made you choose gentle parenting? And what is your favourite aspect of it?

It wasn’t an active choice, it just came fully naturally to me. Talking to children is EVERYTHING. The best part? It actually works 💚💚

Most awesome moment so far?

Travelling around South East Asia with our two minis, careering through streets on tuk tuks, visiting temples and discovering secret hidden white sand beaches.

Biggest struggle so far? How do you cope with stressful moments?

Those newborn days first time round; nothing prepares you for literally – somehow – not even finding time to shower let alone feed or dress yourself.

How do you juggle working with gentle parenting?

Ensuring I get enough sleep and look after myself. It’s when I’m under-slept that bad habits creep in. Oh and indulging in the odd takeaway when I just don’t have enough energy.

Any advice you would give to new mums?

It gets easier – and better – every. single. day 💚 Oh and don’t buy all the crap everyone tells you you “need”. You need so little, and whatever you don’t have, you can borrow.

What’s on your soundtrack to motherhood?

Ooooh. José Gonzalez. Fat Freddys. Jack Johnson. Lucy Rose. Groundation. All the acoustics and all the reggae.

You can follow Emma on Instagram, read about parenting, conscious lifestyle and travel on her blog Mamalina.co and watch her YouTube channel here.


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