Green gifts haul for mama and baby

Whether you have a Scroogey aversion to extreme consumption or not, Christmas happens. (Yeah, it happened. I’ve been too full to blog until now). But there are ways to make it more conscious.

Seeing as we’re sending exponential tons of waste to sit in landfill for thousands of years, buying things that help make the world better is a start. Issa deal?

Here are some of the incredible green gifts me and 16-month old Iyra opened under the (living*) tree. Thanks Santa. This almost makes up for your carbon footprint.

For baby

This book explains why people are lame AF cus we’re killing our only planet. But explains it in a nicer, prettier way.

And here are some other mentalist environmentalist books for toddlers that are on my wish list, covering rivers, nature, helping the world, tidying and even, hey, consumption.

We also got given Little Miss and Dr. Seuss collections, the original do-gooder weirdos we all <3. This is a lot of books, I know. But if we're gona buy too much of anything, it's books. Never too many books. Amma right.

Bright, gender neutral-ish, extra layers for under trow. But made from more sustainable cotton with less of a carbon footprint and more of a cute butt butt (they always have faces on the butt butt). The best stockings in our stocking.


Frugi make awesome organic clothes but they’re expensive (75% off rn tho!). But other organic cotton brands are a bit cheaper, especially in sales, and just as dapper. This one is from Kite, but Little Green Radicals, Maxomorra, Piccalilly and Duns sales are decent and they’re always being flogged on eBay, Depop and Facebook groups. U dig this trippy top?



Grimm’s are pretty much a rip off, but they’re made of natural sustainable and all important biodegradable wood, so it’s like an investment in your kid’s existence. Plus they look beaut.

Iyra has been slow to get into solid foods – which we all know, really does not matter – so we thought maybe this little set up would make her feel more in control. She loves it for drawing, pouring pasta on, and dancing on. What are tables for, if not dancing. Oh yeah, IKEA may seem like a bad guy to the untrained eye, but they are super sustainable.

20180105_130756 (1)

  • Hand knitted swag

From accessories to customised information point jumpers, my Nan is like a knitting machine. Any requests?


Iyra is IN LOVE with this soft brown doll, Parth, but we have changed his gender to Upsy Daisy, to wean Iyra off In The Night Garden (aka In The What Psychotic Nightmares Are Made Of).

One Dear World was started by a family in London who wanted to bring more diversity and inclusion to our toys shelves. “We want all children to grow up having a secure self image, appreciating themselves as they are and learning to respect others.” This is how I want Iyra to grow up. These 4 dolls are the sweetest thing in the world.

And OK we’ve forgotten about the green part, but with global acceptance, equality and peace, we can all be friends and get on with the really important work. Sorting the planet out.

For mama


My mum knows me well. Not content with any soul-sucking chemicals in my daily bath with Iyra, she managed to find some super organic bath bombs from Naked, that came in a mega box of soapy goodness. They made Iyra cry at first but when she realised they were not real bombs, she was chill.

Aight, we all heard disposable coffee cups last for millions of years and that you should take your own cups (you also get money off in some chains) to Pret. But my cup is better than yours, cus it’s made of rice, MOFOs!

  • Organic, Fairtrade clothes

Mum did it again. She also got me some wavy trousers, a shark conservation proceeds jumper and organic peace sign socks. Not sure where she found it all, but she mentioned Peopletree. It’s way less hippie and more normcore than festival garms. And if you’re into this,  Fashion Conscience pulls together all the green brands. And they actually look good.


Yeah I was proper spoiled, but I got some vegan Dr. Martens! But you don’t wana see me in them. So that is Iyra wearing them, along with some of her new snowy Frugi garms.

Alright these were bought by me, for me. But I’ve not been sleeping lately, no idea why, heh, and my skin is starting to look like a badger’s arse. But ALL THE GOOD face creams and night serums our lovely patriarchal society brainwashes us into buying are not so good for the planet, or for animal testing. Really, in 2018. WTF.

But then I found this new little skincare company, BeBareFaced, born and raised in Brixton. Full of the organic, non-animal-tested vitamin A, hydraulic acid, vitamin C and retinol stuff that all the evil brands want you to inject into your orifices but none of the actual evil stuff like parabens. And it’s actually affordable! Actual WTF.

As someone who has never removed make-up or washed her face generally in her life, what’s the catch? Am I missing something? Or am I just so good at googling I broke the internet and hacked beauty which I know nothing about? Either way, my bags are here for life, but wrinkles aren’t so in my face these days. But then, maybe I’ve been brainwashed.



  • And finally, an inside out Christmas tree!

*We don’t really get that into Christmas yet. But when we do we want to get the right tree, that’s best for the planet. While fake trees get used again and again, they’re mostly plastic which as we know, isn’t great. It’ll outlive the cockroaches.

But chopping down living trees is wasteful, despite Google saying it’s better for the environment than fake. It seems digging up a living tree and keeping roots wet in a pot so it can be replanted each year in a garden, balcony or allotment is best.

Either way, we’re not that grown up yet. So my mum came up with a solution for us. She turned a hazel wood garden den into an inside out tree by covering it in fairy lights and throwing some cute cushions in it. Iyra sits in it to read and chat to herself. And I don’t think it’s coming down, ever. That’s like the total opposite of Scrooge.

Did you get a good green gift haul this Christmas? We would ❤ to hear from you. Contact us, comment below, or tag #WokeMamas on social media.

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