This is me, raising little brown, holistic, vegan humans


Written by Courtney

I am a brown, holistic, vegan mother, raising little brown, holistic, vegan humans.

That’s the most perfect way I can explain my little family.

I’m Courtney. My partner Malcolm and I have 4 kids three boys and one 6-month old queen.

As of last month, we’ve started doing elimination communication with our 6 month old.

It’s been an experience potty training her. She’s so intelligent and advanced for her age and I’d like to think that’s because of the choices we have made for her, such as  exclusive breastfeeding.

We chose to start her early, considering she’s catching onto everything else so quickly. Speaking three words clearly, crawling, and now potty training.

We’re always getting questions about how do we plan to raise her and the answer is always the same: “The same way we raise our boys!”

And another commonly asked question we get based on our choices, is: how is it raising a non-vaccinated child? People always ask: aren’t you afraid she’ll get sick? What about school?

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First raising a non-vaccinated child, in my opinion, is the same as raising any other child; you can’t spread what you don’t have. Simple!

But always do your own research and speak to as many people as possible before making your decision.

My children are the healthiest they’ve ever been through trial and error. I was young when I had my first son and learned quickly what kind of mother I wanted to be.

My second son I made so many better choices for their safety and concerns as far as lifestyle. I also plan to homeschool our daughter along with our oldest son.

The middle boys haven’t chosen to be have homeschooling and we are all about pro choice. Involving your children is so important in the decision that you make about them!

That’s what lead to our decision as one to raise them vegan. They chose to not consume animal by products to live their lives in the healthiest way they could.

They enjoy the fact that they don’t get sick and have more energy and just feel good about themselves on a daily basis.

They watch us and how we move as a unit and they want to do the same. A lot of people say I can’t get my child to even touch a vegetable; well what are you eating? Are you showing them the same thing? Are you promoting health and wellness in yourself, so that they can do the same?

Whether choosing whether to vaccinate or not, or looking at diets and schooling choices, I encourage all to do your research before making decisions with your children that could effect them over a lifetime.

I’m so proud of who I am as a black woman, because there are not too many positive outlooks or positive representation – and we do exist!

We do breastfeed! We do cloth diaper! We are vegan! We do homeschool! Some of us choose not to vaccinate!


By Courtney. Follow her on the gram @pslovejoli

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