A letter to my boy


By Briony

I never knew quite what to say when you uttered those three words,

I thought I had more time to answer the question I just heard.

But here you are nearly three years old, so wise beyond your years,

” where’s my daddy ” you said to me;

As I paused to fight back tears.

Some children just have a mummy, I said as I pulled you in… I froze,

I knew the day would come

My boy;

when you’d ask where’s your one of those.

Seeing your friends call their daddies, it was only a matter of time,

Before you sat upon my knee and questioned, mummy where is mine?

My sweet boy, One day I will explain everything… to help you understand,

But right now all that matters is; mummy’s here to hold your hand.

You have a super mummy I said,

To do the big and little things…

To lift you up and spin you round; to help you spread your wings.

To the stars, the moon and back again…

Together we will grow,

You will never be without love my boy;

Your happiness is all I know.

So mummy is like a super hero you see, your safety comes first place…

I’ll hold you tight,

Through the thunderstorms; always warm in my embrace.

It’s me and you, in the here and now… the presence is all that matters…

To sing and dance, have belly laughs and bedtime pillow natters.

I love you,

Until forever!

Mama xxx

To all the Single Mamas and Fathers out there who have to find the right words to say. I hope my poem makes you feel some comfort that you’re not alone and you too can find the words to make them still feel special, even on such a sensitive subject.

If you have a little one who begins to question, try focusing on your relationship with your child/children, rather than the absent parent. It really worked for me on that day. Most of all, I told him I loved him and he told me he loved me too – true love will conquer all!

Single parenthood, it’s bloody hard but let’s focus on the positives; what they do have, rather than what they don’t. They have you.

In my situation, his father chose to leave from the very start; I made it my mission to keep going and give single parenthood my all.

Stay strong, enjoy the good days and give yourself some credit on the tougher days! It is the hardest job in the world raising a little human and for that we’re all superheroes in our children’s eyes, we’ve just gotta believe it too. We’re doing the best we can.

Love and light!

By Briony. Originally posted on her awesome blog Mama Roots


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