Woke Mama Lucy


Want to know WTF a Woke Mama is? Each week, we’re introducing awesome women who are making the world a kinder place, one happy baby at a time.

Name & age: Lucy, 33

Baby: Clement, 1

How did you end up doing gentle parenting?

I learnt about gentle parenting through an amazing lactation consultant who also runs parenting courses. . I also did some extra research in addition to the course. I then discussed with my partner and we decided it was the best route for our family.

I like that it is based on scientific theory and results in more confident, independent children… why would you NOT do it?!

What does being a woke mama mean to you?

It means being child-led as much as possible. But also, it means researching as much as possible to find the best way of raising a happy child and in turn having a happy, healthy family.

Most awesome moment so far?

Discovering homeopathy! Curing my families illness’ myself with my kit and without the need of antibiotics or pain relief. I am addicted!

Biggest struggle so far? How do you cope with stressful moments?

Breastfeeding was by far our biggest struggle. It took months (and two tongue ties) to successfully get the hang of it.

To cope with stressful moments I often look at the long term results of what I am doing to remind myself it will be worth it!

How do you juggle work with gentle parenting?

I am lucky as we have a nanny who is fully on board with our parenting techniques and who loves to research as much as we do!

Any advice you would give to new mums?

Always trust your instincts, question everything you feel isn’t right (yes, that includes researching what the doctors say). Oh and purchase a homeopathy kit from Ainsworths in Marylebone!

What’s on your soundtrack to your first year of being a Woke Mama?

Youth by Glass Animals

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