You need this new mindful parenting hub in your life

Ahead of our new Mindful Parents mini series in collaboration with HERE For You, For Them, founders Jen and Dana explain how their mindfulness hub got started — and why you need it in your life. Like rn. 

We’re Jen and Dana, founders of HERE For You, For Them. Dana is Mum to Axel, 4 years old, and it is through him that we both first met. Dana had just moved to the UK from Seattle and Jen came to help with the transition and taking care of Axel while they settled in.

Two years have passed since then, and while Jen has continued to help and support Dana with parenting advice and mindful tools, we have now joined forces to create a mindfulness hub for parents everywhere to access, called HERE For You, For Them.

Jen’s background in Child Psychology, parenting support and yoga teaching all combined perfectly with Dana’s understanding of creating an online platform, business and helping to spread the word!

Alongside sharing knowledge of mindful parenting methods, yoga sequences for the family, creative ideas, products, events and family friendly yoga studios in London, we also wanted to create a Mindful Parent series.

This series, which will also be published on Woke Mamas, includes features of parents who live in London and practice mindfulness within their daily lives as individuals and also as parents.

Each parent has so much to give by sharing ways in which they bring mindfulness and yoga into their homes and parenting style.

Based on our premise of HERE For You, For Them, the parents also share how mindful methods have changed their approach to situations with their children, how they deal with the challenges, and how they model mindful behaviours to their little ones.

We have created a toolbox of each parent’s mindful methods and tips for you to take away with you toward the end of each feature, so have a look and be inspired!

They share all sorts of simple breathing methods, creative ideas, easy poses (which you can even do while cooking or brushing your teeth!), mantras and everyday tips.

We are so excited to be sharing our Mindful Parenting series here with you Woke Mamas, and we hope you can take some inspiration from our parents’ toolboxes and be able to bring some mindful methods into your daily family routine.

You can also find more information on our website at

We believe all families and children can benefit from mindfulness. It’s all about sharing with each other!

Ommie III (1).JPG
Axel, age 4

Look out for the Mindful Parents mini series, launching here on Woke Mamas this week!

Have you upped your mindful game? We would ❤ to hear from you. Contact us, comment below, or tag #WokeMamas.

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