Woke Mama Sarah


Want to know WTF a Woke Mama is? Each week, we’re introducing awesome women who are making the world a kinder place, one happy baby at a time.

Name & age: Sarah, 34

Baby: Izzy, 18 months

How did you end up doing gentle parenting?

I never planned on it — just found that the things that come naturally to me seem to also be things that gentle folk do.

What does being a woke mama mean to you?

Cutting through the established bollocks that mainstream conventions expect and doing what FEELS right for me and my family.

Most awesome moment so far?

So so many, but one thing I especially love is being woken in the morning by my bed-sharing toddler kissing me *so gently* on the forehead!

Biggest struggle so far? How do you cope with stressful moments?

The first few months (basically the 4th trimester) were pretty tough. I had quite bad post-natal anxiety and having never encountered anxiety on that level before it totally fucked me up.

I was terrified of everything, including myself and didn’t feel the immediate blissed-out bond I expected to. Everyone else seemed so loved up but I just felt like I was going through the motions and was a massive fraud and a shitty mother.

Eventually it faded when the hormones settled at around 4 months and I started to feel normal. But it was so tough cos I just never imagined it would happen!

How do you juggle work with gentle parenting?

I’m not yet back at work cos my old work were not very supportive and the whole thing was causing more stress than it was worth. So we did the sums, realised we could just manage on my husband’s salary and I handed my notice in (just didn’t have the energy to fight).

We are all so much happier than we would have been otherwise and I am so so grateful to be spending this precious time with my daughter.

Any advice you would give to new mums?

Go easy on yourself, make sure you have friends and family lined up to help you in the early weeks, and educate yourself on breastfeeding before the baby arrives so you have a good idea what to expect!

What’s on your soundtrack to your first year of being a Woke Mama?

Wind the bobbin up….. on repeat x infinity. That and BBC 6music, especially Lauren Laverne and Huey Morgan. When my daughter first did dancing it was to Public Enemy on his show!

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